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 At Thurcroft Early Years children are cared for in a safe, secure environment. Our staff recognises each child’s individuality and provides a variety of opportunities for all children to play and explore. Children are encouraged to make choices and use their independence helping to secure the foundations of key life skills and friendships. Our staff are committed to work in partnership with parents and offer support and guidance to ensure consistency in care for all our children. We believe in our children and continue to inspire them through imagination and play both in setting and out in the Community. Our child centered approach enables our children to grow in confidence and self-awareness and ensure that they are ready for their next stage at School.


Thurcroft Early Years offers welcomes all children and their families and provides a safe and stimulating environment where children will:

  • Learn to make choices and problem solve
  • Engage in activities led by imagination
  • Make and maintain friendships
  • Develop confidence and social skills
  • Have a good structured routine and boundaries so children feel safe and secure


All children will have access to a variety of quality resources and experiences that will support their foundations for them to grow in their development and learn important key skills to take with them to their next chapter of learning at school.


We are proud of our Partnership with Parent working and believe and respect that parents are the primary educator in their child’s life.  Using this we provide many opportunities to work with parents in setting by listening to our parents and carers, offering support and guidance to our parents, and signposting parents to other services or training where needed.  


Children have access to outside every day where they can explore the world and their environment using a wide range of experiences and the chance to self-risk assess their limits.    We also have outings into the community to extend our learning areas.


Opening Hours and Session Times

Our Opening Times are 8:00-18:00

We are open for 50 weeks and close for 2 weeks at Christmas and Bank Holidays.

We offer flexible childcare for children from 9 months old.




Inclusion and Special Educational Needs

Our SENCO Sam is ready to welcome you to Thurcroft Early Years we will work with families to ensure that all children can play learn and develop well at Thurcroft Early Years. Sam is able to work closely with other professionals if required, such as health visitors and psychologists, but most importantly with parents/ guardians to ensure your child receives the care they need whilst at Thurcroft Early Years. We will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate children with disabilities or special educational needs and where possible seek specialist training to ensure your child is welcomed into our setting. If a child already has an identified Special Educational Needs then Sam will be available at the induction to discuss your

child’s needs.


Equal Opportunities
Thurcroft Early Years and its staff will actively promote equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practices for all children. All children will be treated equally This does not mean treating them the same, it means understanding that each child in our care is an individual with their own particular needs, which should be nurtured and developed in a way that suits them, encouraging them to speak freely and respecting and valuing their views. We aim to promote equality of opportunity for all children irrespective of their class, colour, ethnic origin, nationality or religion, including children with special needs, disabilities and children who have English as a second language.


Play Explore Learn
All our children are encouraged to make their own choices and our activites are planned around your children’s interests and developmental needs. We have continuous provision available on a daily basis which means your children can access things like the water, sand, playdoh, arts and crafts, small world, role play, atelier and activities to challenge their physical development as well as planned activities to encourage your child to explore and develop.
Our staff work closely with their key children and families to ensure that all activities planned are exciting intriguing and engaging for the children. As well as planning activities inside and outside we will also take the children out into the community. We believe that it is important for children to understand first about themselves, their own family and where they live and celebrate their own communities. We have regular trips to the library and have access to the woodland area and go for daily walks.  Parents are welcome to join us on our otings too.  
We encourage independence from their first session with us and take pride in teaching the children those key skills needed in their next chapter at school such as making friends, taking responsibility for their actions, making good choices, rules boundaries and consequences, good hygiene routines and caring for others. Please be aware that children will have access to a wide range of resources including felt tips, messy play, water, mud, slime, gloop so please make sure they come in their play clothes ready for the day. 


Children’s Welfare

Healthy Foundations
We believe in teaching children about healthy choices from a young age so as they grow they can make their own healthy choices. Each session the children will be offered snack this is typically a piece of fruit or veg, sometimes toast or crackers and a drink of milk or water. Drinking Water will be available at all times please send your child with a water bottle each session that can be filled up.


Healthy Lunches
Our lunch time is 11:00-11:30.  Lunch is included with your childcare fees.  If your child is funded we can provide a lunch for a small cost of £2.00 per day.
We also offer a light tea for our children.  This is also included in your childcare fees or can be provided for an additional cost of £1.00 per day. 


Sleep and Resting times
At Thurcroft Early Years we believe that sleep and rest times are just as important learning and play as this is gives time for the brain to understand and process the child’s learning. Throughout the session there will be opportunities for your child to sleep, rest and take part in quiet time activities such as reading or circle time. If your child needs a sleep we will discuss sleeping arrangements with you. If a child falls asleep we will leave them to sleep until they wake up or it is time to go home.  We do not have set sleeping times and will always work around the childs individual needs. 


Parents at Partners

We value our parents and work actively to strenghten our partnerships with our parents.  We welcome parents to come and join with all our activities such as Making and Baking, Sensory Workshops, Stay and Play Days, Daily Walks, Library Visits, Singalong and Sign Sessions.  We hold regular parent meetings and provide plenty of opportunities for parents to join in with activities in nursery.  We also use an online system to keep parents updated with their childs learning and development in nursery.  Our open door policy allows parents to come and meet with us aany time or contact us should they have any questions or queries.  We appreciate that our parents and carers have busy lives and so a mutually convenient time may be difficult to find. We value your input and feedback and so our open door policy invites you to communicate with us in the following ways:


Arrange to see us any day between 8am and 5:30
Call us on 01709 530879

Email us -

Facebook Page Direct Message 


In any event we would like to work with you in partnership to help your child get the best from their learning. At your induction you will meet your child’s Key worker. They will be responsible for your child’s learning and development whilst at Thurcroft Early Years.  We will keep you regularly updated with your child’s learning via daily discussions and photos, videos and daily notes on  the Baby's Days System, we also share photos and ideas and information on our Parents Facebook Group. We will work with you to find the best way of sharing information with you.  We recognise that you as parents are the primary educator for your children and would appreciate your input into your child’s learning and development. Please keep us updated with achievements at home by adding photos and observations to your Baby Days Profile and share relevnt information about your child's interests and experiences that we can feed into your child's planning.  


Baby's Days

We use Baby's Days to share information with our parents.  When your child starts at Thurcroft Early Years you will be given access to their Baby's Days account.  Here you can see photo's/videos/share observations/see how your child's progress and communicate easily with your child's key worker.  Its a fantastic system.  Most importanty the feedback from our parents is great as you can access the system on a pc, tablet or smart phone and receive instant notifications and access to your child's account allowing you to see what your child is doing at Nursery.  


Childcare Fees 

We offer flexible childcare for parents and offer a variety of sessions and hours for childcare.  All fees are payable by direct debit.  We also accept Childcare Vouchers and Tax Free Childcare Payments.    


Can I get help with Childcare Costs? 

For more information about help with childcare costs please visit the Childcare Choices website.

Early Education Funding

Funded childcare for 2 year olds.  Some 2 Year olds are eligible for 15 hours funding.  You can check to see if your chhild is entitled to a free childcare place by contacting the Rotherham Families Information Service on 0800 073 0230 or you cn check online here.  Your child can access their funded place at Thurcroft Early Years.  


Funded Childcare for 3&4 Year Olds

Every child aged 3 and 4 can have 15 hours per week free Early Education Fuding from the term after their third birthday.  This can be term time or stretched for all year round care.  Your child's free early education gives them a great start in life. They can access their funded place at Thucroft Early Years. It will give your child the chance to make new friends and they can explore and learn in a safe environment which has activities built around their needs.  Further information can be found here.  


30 hours funded childcare

In addition to the free Early Education Funding children with working parents maybe entitled to an additional 15 hours per week free Early Education Funding.  Further informaiton can be found here.



Thurcroft Early Years has a duty of care to all our children. It is our responsibility and priority to ensure that each child is protected.  We have Safeguarding Policies and Procedures which can be viewed here.  We also follow guidlines and requirements set out by the Rotherham Local Safeguarding Board.   If we have any concerns about a child's welfare or believe a child to be suffering from or at risk of significant harm then a referral to the Rotherham Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (M.A.S.H) shall be made.


Spaces will be offered on a 1st come 1st served basis and if we are unable to offer a place then your child’s name shall be put onto a waiting list and you will be contacted when a space becomes available.


What next? 
If you would like to find out more information about a place for your child at Thurcroft Early Years then please contact us on 01709530879 or alternatively you can email us us send us a message through our facebook page.  You will be invited for a Welcome Visit where you can meet our staff and let your child explore.  Should you accept a place at Thurcroft Early Years you and your child will be welcomed for 4 Settling in Visits, these are an opportunity for you and your child to meet their Key Worker and get to know the staff and the setting. 







Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

We believe and promote :

  • Learning through Play both indoors and outdoors.  All activities will be planned and tailored to suit the individual requirements of your child allowing them to develop.
  • Promotion of self independence. Your child will be encouraged to make choices through the encouragement of independent snack, free flow play, accessible resources and personal hygiene.

The Early Foundation Stage is the national framework set by the government to allow each child under the age of 5 an equal opportunity to learn and develop at their own rate whilst providing the children with the key skills ready for the next stage at school. The new EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) has 7 Strands of Learning and Development.


The Prime areas are:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Once the children are showing that they are settled in the prime areas then there are 4 specific areas of focus:

  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Understanding of the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design


You can keep up to date with your child's progress on on the Baby's Days profile.  Here you will see observations, photos and videos and how these link to your childs learning and development.  The What to Expect When - A Guide for Parents is a great way to see what the pattern of development is for your child and see what milestones your child will achieve on their learning and development journey.  


SEN & Inclusion Support

Samantha Heeley our special education needs officer is committed to the inclusion of a child who has or may have special educational needs, and she will work closely with parents/ guardians to meet the needs of all children within Thurcroft Early Years.


All children including those who have a disability or special educational needs will be included, valued and supported and where possible reasonable adjustments will be made for them.


We are Makaton Friendly Sam and the rest of the team will work with our families to plan activities which will be carefully designed and differentiated to ensure that each child can participate if they wish no matter what age or ability.


Sam is able to work closely with other professionals if required, such as health visitors and psychologists, but most importantly with parents/ guardians who would be consulted and kept informed of any difficulties arising with their child’s development.


The access to our setting is easy accessible through the front entrance and is made appropriate to fit all children’s and adults needs.


Find more information on the Disabled Go Website:


We will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate children with disabilities or special educational needs and where possible seek specialist training to ensure your child is welcomed into our setting.  Sam is ready to welcome you and discus the right support needed for your child at Thurcroft Early Years.



Our team is committed to providing quality childcare for your peace of mind.  Each member of staff recognises and listens to each child's voice and ensures their emotional and developmental needs are met whilst in our care. 

All our Staff are a minimum of Level 3 Qualified and are ALL First Aid Trained.  We continue to provide work opportunities for students so they can gain important experiences in their development to become qualified Early Years practitioners.

Meet the Team


Nikki Blakey
Safeguarding Officer
Health and Safety Officer
Fist Aid
Level 5 qualified working towards Early Childhood Studies Degree
Sam Heeley
Deputy Manager/Over 2‘s Room Leader
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)
Communication Lead
Behaviour Officer
Early Support Lead
Key Worker
First Aid
Level 5 qualified working towards Early Childhood Studies Degree
Haylie Churchard
Under 2’s Room Leader
Afterschool Club and Holiday Club Leader
Early Years Practitioner
First aid
Key Worker
Level 3 qualified
Karen Davies
Early Years Practitioner
Key Worker
First Aid
Health & Safety Officer
Fire Warden
Level 6 qualified - Early Childhood Studies Degree
Charlotte Douglas
Early Years Teacher
Key Worker
First Aid
Level 7qualified - Early Years Teacher
Georgia Worboys
Under 2's Deputy Room Leader
Early Years Practitioner
Key Worker
SEN Support
First Aid
Level 3 qualified working towards Level 5


Jess Broadbent
Early Years Practitioner
Key Worker
SEN Support
First Aid
Level 3 qualified working towards Level 5


Liz Howard
Under 2's Early Years Practitioner
Key Worker
First Aid
Level 3 qualified


Lauren Crowther
Under 2's Early Years Practitioner
Key Worker
First Aid
Level 3 qualified working
Chloe Sampson
Early Years Apprentice
First Aid
Level 2 qualified Working towards Level 3
Dorne Hurst
Nursery Cook and Lunchtime Supervisor
Food Hygiene Level 3
First Aid
Level 3 Qualified

Sessions & Fees

News & Events

Monday - Making and Baking 50p

Developing cooking and baking skills with the children. 


Tuesday - Fun and Fitness

Every week SJD Coaching will join us for fun and games to get the children active.  


Wednesday - Singalong and Sign £1.00

Rachael, our Makaton Teacher, joins us every week and the children sing traditional and modern rhymes with makaton and sensory props.


Thursday - Library Visits 

The children will visit the Library for Rhyme Time and have the opportunity to borrow books from the Library.


Friday - Stay and Play 

All parents are welcome to join in with all the activities however on Friday we have a dedicated Stay and Play Session for parents to come and play.


Visit our Facebook Page: 

Facebook: Thurcroft Early Years


Click here to read our most recent OFSTED Report. 




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Phone: 01709 530879

Facebook Page: Thurcroft Early Years

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